Excavator Nox Tiltrotators


  • Cylinderless design means the NOX is compact and the most narrow tiltrotator on the market
  • Cylinderless also means no protruding parts that can be damaged
  • 360 degree rotation and market leading 2 x 50 degree patented tilt functionality
  • Solid cast body means fewer components, internal hydraulic fluid routing and only 2 grease points for simple maintenance
  • High flow and pressure is not a problem for the NOX
  • Electric Swivel also an available option for couplers and connection to tools below (cross out 3D systems at this point because it has nothing to do with the electrical swivel)
  • Automatic hydraulic coupling available using Kinshofer’s SmartFlow technology and other suppliers
  • Direct mount and ‘Sandwich’ mounts available
  • Available for machines from 3t-25t

Control System

  • Multiple control systems available based on machine set-up
  • Fully proportional NOXProp+ system from Kinshofer offers the following features and controls:
    • Touchscreen allows for in-cab control of settings and user interfaces
    • Individual assignment of functions
    • Optimum NOX performance due to perfectly adapted control
    • Auto calibration
    • Geometry data of the attachment
    • Interface with market leading 2D/3D control systems
    • Remote maintenance
    • Memory function for user profiles
    • Interface with Kinshofer SmartTag for tool tracking, tool automation, fleet management
    • Different joystick configurations available
  • Direct Feed (DF4 and DF10) options available when machine has pre-existing circuits

NOX Tiltrotator Attachments

  • Get the most out of the NOX functionality with tiltrotator specific attachments:
    • Fork tines for your excavator
    • Cylinder and Cylinderless (Kinshofer’s HPXdrive) grapples
    • Buckets
    • – Narrow trenching buckets that take advantage of the NOX’s narrow design
    • – Profiled buckets allow for clean grading at any angle
    • Leveling bars to clean up and final grade work sites
    • Hydraulic Compaction Plates
    • Drum Cutters, Railroad specific attachments, and more!


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